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WFVS: Privacy Policy

WFVS | whatsapp full video status - video splitter: Privacy Policy End User Licence Agreement     WFVS ("us", "we", or "our") operates the WFVS mobile application (the "Service").     By using this app, you agree to accept the following Terms and Conditions.     WFVS (hereinafter referred to as "the app") is created and maintained by DN Apps. 1. Privacy Policy. The app is not collecting any personal information. The app collects Android Advertisement ID strictly for analytical purposes. This information is not shared with anyone or used without consent of user. The app may collect Anonymous usage information to use for analytical purposes and google ads. 2. Right to ownership and modification. Developers has complete rights to the application and can modify, delete or unpublish it at any point of time without prior notice. 3. Non-liability on content. The content provided by the app is taken from the storage of user its